Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror [2007] review

Great on PSP - not so great on PS2


  • Pretty good controls
  • Visuals look sharper
  • more vibrant
  • Great shooter elements


  • Ho-hum port of PSP game
  • Superfluous port of PSP game
  • Stealthy bits

Poor Gabe Logan. It must be hard to be stuck in Snake’s shadow, while in possession of a moniker that sounds as if it’s ripped from a bad ’70s cop film. Gabe may have triumphed on PSP through an adventure that was tightly designed, offering solid controls, but what was an impressive achievement on handheld is now merely adequate by PS2 standards.

Dark Mirror, despite its stealthy roots, is actually more like a third-person shooter and this works to its benefit. Sony have sculpted a surprisingly decent targeting and cover system, which is now aided by the precision of control a proper pad offers, and it looks sharper than the PSP version too. Still, propped up on a big screen, Dark Mirror looks like a glorified budget title. And, for a budget price without any new features, it’s hard to recommend this over the plethora of quality shooters doing the rounds on PS2.

More Info

DescriptionThis PS2 port of the 2006 ass-kicking action game amounts to one big "meh" in Solid Snake's wake.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date18 September 2007 (US), (UK)