Super Swing Golf Season 2 Cheats

Super Swing Golf Season 2 Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by Swing Champ

    How to get Uncle Bob, Cecilia, Max, Kooh

    Uncle Bob: Beat Blue Lagoon
    Cecilia: Beat Pink Wind
    Max: Beat Shining Sand
    Kooh: Beat West Wiz and White Wiz
    Arin: Beat Ice Spa and Ice Cannon
    Quma: Beat Blue Lagoon Mini Game
    Pipin: Do the tutorial (no skipping)
    Dolfini: Beat Pink Wind Mini Game
    Lola: Beat Shining Sand Mini game
    Tiki: Beat the event space in West Wiz and White Wiz

    Sorry I couldn't provide some info on Kaz, Titanboo or Brie!

  • Wii | Submitted by Goldor

    Gold Coin Unlockables

    Unlock this stuff by getting the required number of gold coins

    Black Formal Set (Scout) - 90 coins
    Brie - 87 coins
    Fancy Frilled Dress (Hana) - 93 coins
    Gothic Set (Arin) - 84 coins
    Little Fox Dress-Up Set (Kooh) - 90 coins
    Midnight Lola (Lola) - 96 coins
    Pink Waitress Set (Kooh) - 93 coins
    Pnagya Cafe Set (Arin) - 90 coins
    Righteous Rider Set (Max) - 84 coins
    Safari Quma (Quma) - 96 coins
    School Gym Set (Kooh) - 84 coins
    Sepia Tiki (Tiki) - 96 coins
    Superior Set (Arin) - 93 coins