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Super Rub a Dub - PS3 Network review

This can duck right off


  • Cute duck/shark designs
  • Impressive water physics
  • Slightly endearing


  • Uneven gameplay
  • Wrestling Sixaxis
  • Duck-related puns

Hello - is that the sound of barrels being scraped? Yes, PS3's "rubber ducks in a sink" tech demo has been turned into a downloadable game. It's quite endearing at first, mind, as you tilt the Sixaxis to guide your duck and collect baby ducks, before guiding them safely to the plughole. The wind-up shark enemies are cute, but eat your little duckling followers - so shake the pad and capsize them.

But the duck-related puns ("Quacked it" and "Billiant," anyone?) soon start to lose their appeal, much like the rest of the game. The Sixaxis control feels inaccurate, although it's not helped in that you're trying to guide the unguidable (water), with a motion sensitive pad. As a result, the maze-like tubs are either too easy - in compensation for the controls, presumably - or way too hard. Everything seems too far away and the ducks are just tiny, so the physics don't come across as impressive as they undoubtedly are.

Seeing your rank in the world displayed after each effort is bound to keep some people trying obsessively to better their scores, but... well, basically, this ducks.

More Info

DescriptionRub a dub dub there's a duck in the tub, and you need to use your PS3 Sixaxis controls to get it out.
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date2 May 2007 (US), 2 May 2007 (UK)