Sudeki Cheats

Sudeki Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by shadow

    How to get oars

    Go behind the Inn and over to a place where Buki can climb down, and you get the oars.

    For the Nassaria's Song Quest it goes something like this 1,3,4,2,5

  • Xbox | Submitted by Burwolt

    Hukin's Fate

    In the Farmhouse with the beehives near the Parham County. After stopping the invasion go in and there will be a chest in the back room with the a sword for Tal inside.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jordan R

    Infinite Exp.

    When you first meet Hexam in the shadow realm talk to him to heal your party. After you are healed go down the path to fight the Shadani spirits. You will get a large amount of Exp. Go up to Hexams house and heal yourself again. Keep doing this for an infinite amount of Exp!