Strop socky

Jet Li has gotten himself into a little legal trouble. The family of deceased kung fu master Huo Yuanjia is trying to stop the release of Li’s new film Fearless because they claim it dishonours and misrepresents his life.

The family – particularly grandson Huo Shoujin - want the movie pulled from release schedules worldwide. He wants the film kicked out of Asian cinemas where it’s already playing and an apology from the filmmakers. And he’s added Li’s name to the lawsuit list because the actor “not only played the lead role but participated in the making and production of the movie,” according to lawyer Yang Zhonghai.

Fearless, directed by Ronny Yu, follows Yuanjia’s rise from vain fist-flinger to one who uses fighting as a means to help himself and others. Shoujin’s suit claims it contains numerous fabrications. Surely this sort of problem can be better solved outside the courts… Say with a big scrap?

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