Stomp The Yard review

After his brother is slain on the mean streets of LA and he’s threatened with prison, troubled street dancer DJ (Columbus Short) gets a second chance at a posh Georgia university. Which, conveniently enough for the film’s plot, happens to house two of the nation’s top “step dance” teams, both of which could use DJ’s skills... Stomp The Yard itself benefits from the high-energy dance moves, which add a vital pulse to what would otherwise be your typical underdog tale.

All the usual plot-beats are in place – our hero falls for the wrong girl, who also happens to be with the head of the school’s most powerful frat/step dance troupe. And of course he has to fight to win his fellow students’ acceptance and admiration. But this recent US No.1 is driven along by a decent cast who really turn it on during the musical moments, letting their steps tell the story.

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