Stellan Skarsgrd: Career In Four Minutes

Balancing Scandy art-housers, American indies, Bruckheimer barnstormers and Marvel mega-hits – Stellan Skarsgård is probably the only actor in Hollywood who can pull off Nymphomaniac and Thor 2 in the same year.

His latest film, In Order Of Disappearance , plays to pretty much all of his strengths – a Nordic revenge thriller about a man who sets out to avenge his son’s death – taking in big-budget thrills, stoney-faced melancholia and Coen-y black comedy.

For his Career In Four Minutes, we chatted to Skarsgård about Disappearance , Pirates Of The Caribbean , Nymphomaniac , Marvel movies and more.

We also got him to do an impression of Lars Von Trier…

In Order of Disappearance is in UK cinemas from 12 September 2014.