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Steel Horizons review

All the action without all those red and white pegs


  • Annexing ports
  • Moving across the ocean via stylus
  • Sinking ships
  • tightly lipped


  • The needless story
  • Strategy at a snail's pace
  • Indistinguishable sea vessels

Training your brain is nice and all, but it%26rsquo;s a wonder that the Nintendo DS doesn%26rsquo;t receive more real-time strategy games. Making ample use of the touch screen could be the most optimal way to corral and deploy sentries this side of a mouse and keyboard. And for the most part, Steel Horizon puts it to good use, allowing you to traverse entire oceans as easily as you%26rsquo;d pick your nose. Selecting which aircraft carrier, submarine, destroyer, etc., is a breeze thanks to your trusty stylus and touch map.

More Info

DescriptionThis sea-faring strategy game sinks itself with slow gameplay and a lousy plot. Go play Advance Wars instead.
PlatformPSP, DS
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
UK censor rating12+
Release date2 July 2007 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)