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Steam launches assault on Santa with Daily Wishlist Giveaway

Valve has launched a holiday-season promotion which will award 100 free games every day until the tree is taken down and we all start weighing ourselves to see how much fun we had. The "Daily Wishlist Giveaway" is the company's effort to highlight Steam's Daily Deal section: simply visit the site for the day's offering and you'll be eligible to win the top 10 games on your Steam wishlist, with ten winners chosen daily.

To enter, you must have at least ten titles in your wishlist (which you can surely manage), and be logged into Steam when you visit the Daily Deal: today's is 75% off creative platformer Terraria. That's, um, about as simple as it could be, really.

This might seem like generosity to you, but the shameless move on Valve's part simply proves that it has no respect for the traditional institutions on which our society relies. Having decimated the paying-full-price-for-boxed-goods industry, the company's latest objective appears to be no less than deposing the reigning figurehead of holiday generosity. Offering free stuff without the traditional caveats (sitting on an old guy's lap, cleaving to arbitrary standards of “nice” behavior, relying on an antiquated goods-delivery system with needlessly remote storehouses) might seem like a good deal, but you just wait until the streets are filled with out-of-work elves begging for coins to buy eggnog. What hath Gabe wrought? WHAT HATH HE?!