Statham goes Rogue

The Jason Statham movie production line is showing no sign of faltering over the next twelve months. Having already completed a stint alongside Steve Martin in The Pink Panther remake and In The Name Of The King for House Of The Dead helmer Uwe Boll, Jase has tacked another film to his waiting list.

Rogue is an actioner that sees Statham playing a businessman hell bent on getting revenge for his partner's death. He traces their brutal murder back to the Change crime family, who farmed the job out to an assassin for hire, called… you know it makes sense… Rogue. The title role will be played by the floaty-kick master Jet Li, who starred opposite JS in 2001's The One.

Rogue is slated to begin shooting in March in Vancouver, pushing The Brazilian Job even further down Statham’s To-Do list.

The workaholic Brit is currently holed up in LA shooting Crank with writer/director newbie Mark Neveldine.