Star Wars Battlefront gets Anthony Daniels on board for C-3P0 duties

It's not really a huge surprise to be honest, but nice to know Antony Daniels will be voicing C-3PO in some capacity in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront .

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Although in all fairness he appears to be doing all the Star Wars there is, with mention of also voicing Disney Infinty's Star Wars, Yoda Chronicles and getting involved in an 'Ultimate' Star Wars book. There's no info on what he's actually doing - passing cameo? Tutorial slash main guide guy? He would make an amazing announcer for the matches themselves, though.

As far as the game itself goes, while this is the first definite casting, we're not short of other info. DICE has said Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot, rather than a sequel, suggesting it could be quite different mechanically from the classic games.

That's something backed up by the studio confirming the quite strong design decision to have no iron sights in Star Wars Battlefront. That immediately makes it clear that this won't just be Battlefield with Star Wars characters stretched over the top.

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