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Star Trek: Infinite Space, an upcoming browser-based MMO, revealed in debut trailer

For some reason, Star Trek has proven to be a tricky franchises for game developers to interpret. Undaunted, however, Gameforge and Keen Software House are giving it a shot with Star Trek: Infinite Space. The trailer released today gives us a look at the promised ‘epic space battles’ in the upcoming free-to-play browser based MMO.

"This trailer gives a first glance at the vision we all share. We have assembled a team of professionals to create a game that will set new standards for browser based multiplayer online games as well as satisfy the dreams of all trekkies who eagerly await," said Holger Broda, producer for Star Trek: Infinite Space.

Executive Producer Christian Braun added, “Don't worry though, there will be many more elements to the game [aside from space battle]. It will offer a deep gaming experience.”

Infinite Space is set to release in the summer of 2011.

October 27, 2010

Less power to the phasers!

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