Star Trek: Conquest Cheats

Star Trek: Conquest Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by Sofa King, Rudy

    Unlockable Skirmish Maps

    Borg Unicomplex (Star Trek Voyager) - Complete Campaign with the Cardassians
    Sha Ka Ree (Star Trek V) - Complete Campaign with the Breen
    Federation Skirmish Ships - Complete Campaign with the Federation
    Xindi Skirmish Ships - Complete Campaign with the Dominion
    Talos IV - Complete Campaign with the Romulans

  • Wii | Submitted by Sofa King

    Unlock Borg in Skirmish Mode

    Borg (Skirmish Mode) - Beat Klingon Campaign (Easy)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Bob Loblaw


    Skirmish map: Borg Unicomplex - Beat game with the Cardassians
    Skirmish map: Sha Ka Ree (The "God" system from Star Trek V) - Beat game with the Breen
    Skirmish map: Talos IV (Planet from "The Cage/Menagerie" episodes of the original series) - Beat game with the Romulans
    Skrimish fleet set: Borg - Beat game with the Klingons
    Skrimish fleet set: Federation 2 (Includes Sovereign, Nebula, and Oberth vessels) - Beat game with the Federation
    Skrimish fleet set: Xindi (Includes Reptilian cruisers and Insectoid fighters) - Beat game wit