Square Enix blames PlayStation 3 for Final Fantasy XIV delay

It has been quite the struggle for Square Enix to get this game onto any console platform. Microsoft rejected it out of the gate, saying it didn't like the idea of a cross-platform MMO on the Xbox 360 (though more recent rumors suggest a 360 version will exist at some point). Now, the PS3 FFXIV will only be an afterthought to the PC release.

Tanaka's comments suggest the problem still isn't completely fixed, so the rescheduled March 2011 launch for Final Fantasy XIV on PS3 is assumedly still tentative. Final Fantasy XI, the last online Final Fantasy title,did not face these challenges (at least not publicly)when ported from PC toXbox 360 and PS2. This can only mean that XIV is going to be face meltingly huge...or, it means that people just forgot how to do stuff. Maybe we'll go with that.

Aug 24, 2010

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