Level up your video with the worlds' first 21:9 QHD screen

If there are two things that there are never enough of in life, then its time and pixels. For the dedicated tech enthusiast, a lack of either can be fairly disastrous, but if you’re serious about your video editing then you’ll know that both are always at an absolute premium. When hammering together serious, profession-grade work, one informs the other. Extra screen clarity gives you more precision and easier navigation. Precise, easier navigation leads to faster, more efficient work. And that all leads to great results.

Whatever software you’re using, however powerful your rig, all of the above still holds true. Whatever level you’re working at, a clean window to work through will always improve you and your results. That’s exactly why LG have created the UM monitor series, the world’s first set of screens combining the vast panorama of 21:9 widescreen with the peerless, pristine eye-carnival that is QHD resolution. Coming in multiple, equally delicious 25, 29 and 35 inch flavours, the UM95 and UM65 ranges are the widest, clearest, most comfortable and most effective way to make what you want, exactly how you want it. No obstacles in the way.

The 65s all come packing a sparkling 2560 x 1080 resolution, while the mammoth 34UM95 weighs in at 3440 x 1440. But it’s not all about resolution. With true 8-bit colour on all models, along with frame rate control a colour palette taking in a cast of 1.07B on the 34UM95, these monitors are serious hardware in all respects. With visual presentation this finely tuned, and every one of your inputs fed back via a smooth, constant 5ms response time, you just will not a find a slicker, more comfortable, or more effortless way to work.

Connectivity, you ask? Everything you could want. The whole 65 range comes with DVI-D, HMDI2, DisplayPort, PC Audio In, and Headphone Out as standard. The 34UM95, however, once more comes with something extra tasty, in the form of Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, allowing you to transfer 4K video as hard and fast as you’d like.

Combine that functionality with the 34’s monolithic screen space, and you’re looking--literally and figuratively--at the most powerful, most versatile slab of visual power you could possibly need. Massive screen. Massive data transfer. Massive fidelity. Four-way screen split as standard. Run what you want, when you want, where you want, and don’t even consider the need to skimp on clarity, efficiency or performance. With LG’s UM range, professional video screens have undeniably been upgraded. But try one out, and you’ll find that you certainly have been as well.