Splinter Cell surveillance

Thursday 11 May 2006
Ubisoft has been keeping us updated with the latest on Splinter Cell Double Agent and has slipped us some new pics of Sam Fisher looking rugged and doing bad things.

Double Agent is the fourth game in the hugely popular Splinter Cell series and sees the game take a brave new direction with hero Sam Fisher trying to infiltrate a terrorist group to be able to take them down from within.

It's up to the gamer just how far they're willing to let Sam Fisher go in order to gain the enemy's trust. Is killing an innocent man acceptable when it's for the greater good? Or is taking out the terrorist the most important thing, even if it means blowing his cover?

The decisions that are made have long lasting consequences in Double Agent which has a branching storyline and several different endings.

Just like the previous games in the series Sam Fisher will be able to get his hands on the latest weapons and gadgets which can be upgraded in between levels to suit your style of play. These will be used to tackle new extreme gameplay conditions such as trying to complete objectives while underwater, in blinding sandstorms or hidden in plumes of smoke.

The new shots are taken from the single-player game, but we're hoping for some multiplayer details from this week's E3 as Ubisoft has continually pushed the boundaries with its online options.