Splatoon 3 will reportedly improve existing levels from previous games

Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch
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A new job posting from Nintendo for a Splatoon 3 'level designer' hints towards what we can expect in the sequel.

Nintendo shared a tweet that it is looking for a level designer to work specifically on Splatoon 3 to renovate "existing" stages. The listing was found on Nintendo's Japanese website thanks to a Nintendo data miner called OatmealDome.

What this could mean is that Nintendo is going to be changing up older maps from the first two games to make sure they fit into Splatoon 3. Based on the Direct reveal trailer we saw this week, it looks like Splatoon 3 is finally going to let us see more of the series' strange world.

OatmealDome seems to speculate that this is the case, tweeting out: "The interesting thing here is the “renovating ‘existing’ stages” part. Often, announcements call large redesigns/modifications of stages a “renovation” as an in-universe explanation. Also, we should wonder what exactly “existing” means. Returning stages from S1/S2?"

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It's currently unclear if this will indeed be what we see happen. It could be that these older stages from the first two games would be re-done for Splatoon 3 and could be payable DLC.

Of course, because this job posting is in Japanese, it could simply be a miscommunication. It might be that Nintendo is looking for another level designer to work on the 'existing' stages it has already made for Splatoon 3, having nothing to do with the previous games.

Nintendo will probably add a healthy supply of brand new maps to Splatoon 3, considering we're finally seeing more of the world, and thanks to the trailer, we see Splatsville, the "city of chaos".

In the meantime, catch up on everything that was announced during Nintendo Direct.

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