Spidey developer does Bond

The new James Bond game will be developed by Spider-Man 2 developer, Treyarch, and will be the first Bond since Activision acquired the 007 license from Electronic Arts.

The news comes from a job listing on the Activision website which ran "Treyarch is looking for a gameplay designer for our upcoming Bond title". It was also mentioned that Treyarch is looking for people to work on next-gen titles, which suggests the new Bond game will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

This new Bond game is extremely important for a number of reasons, namely because it's Activision's first but also because it will feature a new Bond with British actor Daniel Craig making his 007 debut in Casino Royale, which will be out in cinemas later this year.

Treyarch will be facing a particularly busy time as it is also in charge of bringing Call of Duty 3 to next-gen consoles. But as the Santa Monica developer demonstrated with Spider-Man 2, it's more than capable of making an excellent game from a movie licenses.

July 17, 2006