Sony finally admits PSP is "a bit old"

In a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida admitted there isn't much excitement with the PSP anymore. Are we to interpret this as meaning a PSP2 announcement is imminent?

It's hard to think back to that day in 2004 when gamers lined up around the corner to buy a PSP as it sold out almost instantly. In the time that followed, the UMD media format for movies and music completely died, a re-envisioned version of the system - the PSPgo - was met with nothing but laughs, and the game release faucet has gone almost entirely dry.

Above: The PSP comes in many colors, but before too long the only color it%26rsquo;ll be bringing into Sony%26rsquo;s balance sheet is red

So when Yoshida says of the PSP, "there's no denying that people start to see that it's getting a bit old." Well, admitting it is the first step. What's the next? Announcing that a new PSP system is in the works but being as vague as humanly possible about it. And guess what? Yoshida did that too.

"In terms of looking at new technology, it's always the case that as soon as we look at a new platform or new tech, our R%26amp;D teams start looking at what's new in the general space. So yes, we have been looking at new technologies, and looking at the options that we have. It's not the right time for me to say anything about it," he said.

Some suggested Sony would lift up some details on the PSP2 at E3 in July. Didn't happen. Then there was TGS last week. Nothing. Clearly the Sony handheld team is still sobering up from the fact that the PSPgo has sold approximately 12 units worldwide since it launched.

Above: With a higher price tag, a smaller screen, and no compatibility with hundreds of disc-based games, it%26rsquo;s no wonder the PSPgo was one of the biggest blunders of all time

So, no one really knows what the PSP2 should look like. What we do know is Sony has no intention of producing a portable 3D console, so don't expect a direct 3DS rival. In fact, if it's anything short of this coolconcept design, we'll have no choice but to be disappointed.

Sep 20, 2010

%26hellip; and cheap!

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