Sony: Eye Toy has more potential than Wii Remote

Aug 21, 2007

The PS3's ability to track the position of an object in 3D space using the new Eye Toy offers up more potential for motion-sensing gaming than the Wii Remote, Sony told us yesterday.

Eye Toy card battle game, Eye of Judgement, boasts some pretty impressive optical recognition technology that not only identifies a card (from a selection of hundreds) and summons the right monster, but it can track the movement of that card - including its distance from the camera and tilt orientation - and keep that monster positioned correctly on it.

Game director Kazuhito Miyaki said: "All of the different Eye Toy games that we've made so far and the wide range [of gameplay] that we have delivered shows that the camera isn't the key device, it's what we do with it that's important."

Above: The Eye Toy can see the angle you're holding cards and your deepest fear

When asked how this compared to the motion tracking opportunities offered by the Wii Remote, he went on the say: "In Eye of Judgement it's all about summoning the creatures. With other games it'll be about creating a whole different dynamic so, in a way, you could say there is much more potential and ability in our technology."