Sonic mixes it up in style on DS

September 6, 2007

The original Sonic Rush was Sonic's best game for ages - and now its sequel is almost upon us and looking even better. To get you in the mood, we've got about100 new screens for DS fans to pore over. Variety is certainly the order of the day (at least once you get past the green ones), with loads of different gameplay sections on show.

Check out our recentpreviewif you haven't already done so, and see what we thought when we got our hands on the game. It's good to know Sonic's still having fun in 2D on DS. Now if only Sega would just try a PS3 or 360 side-scrolling Sonic... well, we can dream.

Above: Sonic's got the treasure and looks a bit crazed. We're sure he's going to give it to charity

Justin Towell

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