Snoopy vs The Red Baron - hands-on

Apart from its unexpectedly furious single-player campaign, Snoopy also sports some robust multiplayer options for dogfights against friends. The PS2 version we played has three modes to choose from - Top Dog (kill-limited deathmatch), Flying Aces (time-limited deathmatch) and King of the Skies (one-life deathmatch) - and you'll be able to set up teams and use up to seven bots for each one.

But while the PS2 multiplayer is fun, it only supports two pilots in split-screen mode. In contrast, multiplayer is where the PSP version really shines - not only does it feature an exclusive level and full-on, six-player dogfights over ad-hoc wireless, it also packs in three additional game types. These are Tree Capture (think capture-the-flag), Blanket Thief (like tag in reverse, with one player grabbing the blanket and the rest trying to kill him) and Pumpkin Bomb, in which one team defends a target, and the other tries to destroy it by delivering a bomb.