Sniper Elite is hitting the tabletop with a new board game from Rebellion

(Image credit: Rebellion Unplugged)

Sniper Elite is set to hit tabletops everywhere with a new board game from Rebellion. 

"It’s 1943 and something is moving in the darkness. Direct from Rebellion, makers of the hit video game series, comes a stealth action board game of pushing your luck and predicting your enemy." 

Now live to back on Kickstarter, the board game based on the tactical shooter is being made by the studio's board game division, Rebellion Unplugged. Taking stock of the signature slow-mo shots of the video game, and the… ballbusting shots you can pull off, the deluxe upgrade of the tabletop version even features a Hitler-like "Teste-Kill" miniature to celebrate "one of the greatest hits in video game history." 

(Image credit: Rebellion Unplugged)

In the game, one player takes on the role of an allied Sniper by the name of Karl Fairburn, while three other players assume control of squads of German soldiers who have to try and defend their base and hunt for Karl. As the Sniper player, you'll have to do your best to keep Karl's location secret from the other players as you go about tracking their movements on your own secret hidden board. 

With other Sniper Elite themed miniatures, as the German squads, you'll have to put your tactical thinking to the test and try to track the elusive sniper, attempt to block their path with your miniatures and guard locations. Rebellion Unplugged has included an early draft of the rulebook which you can check out right here

(Image credit: Rebellion Unplugged)

With several reward tiers available to back, you can get a Deluxe Upgrade kit as well as the base game by backing the Marksman level or above, which gives you custom clay tokens, unique miniatures including the special "Teste-Kill Mini", and an embroidered draw bag. You can also get an Eagle's Nest expansion set to change up the game.

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