Sneak preview of Doctor Who season finale

We don't normally run previews of the new episodes of Doctor Who - doing the reviews keeps us busy enough! But our Ian was so excited after watching his preview disc of episode 12 (Russell T Davies's "The Stolen Earth", the first part of the two-part season finale) last night that he just had to share his instant assessment on our forum:

"Episode 12 is ABSOLUTELY BLEEDIN' MENTAL and SUPER-DOOPER-FANWANKY. They'll have to power-hose the squee off the walls of the Outpost Gallifrey forums a week on Saturday.

"It feels a bit like a nostalgic Russell flicked through Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia and went 'Oooh, yeah, that was good - I'll have some of that. And them. And her. And bring in that wotsit from that throwaway line in episode X.' Whilst throwing his head back, hooting with laughter, and booming 'MARVELLOUS!' It's like watching the entire new series so far compressed into a blipvert.

"Ming-mong-kryptonite, then, and there's a danger that the sheer density of it will give casual viewers concussion, but I spent 45 minutes whooping and bellowing with laughter at the sheer don't-give-a-toss audacity of it, and am about to watch it all over again IMMEDIATELY. I bloody loved it , even though there's a slim chance I'll think it's a big pile of tits once I've calmed down sufficiently to be dryly rational - in, say, about three years' time."

Fear not, readers: we've administered a large dose of horse tranquiliser, and Ian is now in a stable condition.

"The Stolen Earth" airs on BBC One on Saturday 28 June.