SKY HD Goes Sci-Fi Crazy

The two SKY Movies HD channels are going sci-fi crazy throughout May. Not only are there late night showings of classic SF movies (Lifeforce, Close Encounters, Masters Of The Universe, It Came From Outer Space) and recent blockbusters (Cloverfield, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer), but highlights include a Trek Movie weekend and Stephen King week.

Star Trek Movie Season
Now Showing

Catch all the Star Trek movies from The Motion Picture to Insurrection, showing late night all this week, then back-to-back on the weekend of 16-17 May.

Stephen King Week
18-24 May

The Shining
Stephen King’s Thinner
Stephen King’s Creepshow
The Running Man
The Mist – a UK TV premiere.

Check your TV favourite TV guides for exact listings.