Shots of PS3 F-Zero clone Voltage speed in

Theseare the first PS3-specific shots of Lexicon's futuristic racer, Voltage, which looks an awful lot like another hover craft racer from Nintendo.

The F-Zero-alike is the usual affair: "Voltage takes the rush and thrill of speed racing to a new level. Races take place far in the future on the planets of the Solar system, where players compete in the fastest and most technologically advanced races, to acquire the supreme title of the Solar System's Best Racer."

If you're a Nintendo fan quietly hoping it'll be a decent answer to F-Zero on PS3, you might want to check the shots first.

Despite looking marginally better than a Dreamcast game, Lexicon Entertainment says: "We are delighted the way the development is progressing on Voltage and these screenshots from the PlayStation 3 version give a perfect example of what is to come!'

A multiplayer mode will feature, but there's no mention of online play.

It's due out on PS3, 360 and PC later this year.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 9, 2008