Shot In Bombay review

Even at the best of times, Bollywood shoots are reputed to be chaos – and there’s little evidence to refute that in this endlessly entertaining documentary. Director Liz Mermin takes a frank look at the drama unfolding behind the scenes during filming of Apoorva Lakhia’s star-soaked epic Shootout At Lokhandwala. Leading man Sanjay Dutt was in court and jail on and off during shooting for illegal possession of arms. Ironically, in the film Dutt plays real-life supercop AA Khan (who was famously involved in a siege scenario with notorious gangster Maya Dolas). Preferring to let her subjects do the talking, Mermin dispassionately captures the grit, glamour and ordered madness of life behind the lens. “Mind-blowing,” says Lakhia after every take, and he isn’t far wrong.

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