Shining Force EXA - hands-on impressions

While we did play a preview build of EXA and not the final retail copy, we hope some of the more nagging issues will be cleared up before its release. For one, our computer allies weren’t always the most helpful. More times than not, they were stuck firing their bows at the enemy from behind a rock. And we can’t help but think it’s a little odd that the game warns us to save in another save file before each Defensive battle, even though if you die you’ll start over from the beginning from the battle.

Other than that, Shining Force EXA is primed to be a strong Action-RPG for the younger crowd, now that the PS2 is experiencing its age equivalent of retiring and moving to Florida. Check back for a review in the coming weeks as Shining Force EXA is set for release on March 20th.