Shenmue 3, most funded game on Kickstarter, would like more money please

Earlier this summer, the long-awaited Shenmue 3 broke the record for most-funded video game on Kickstarter, closing its doors with $6.33 million raised. Today, however, those doors have opened again, with developer Ys Net once more hoping to raise funds for the game's further development.

Dubbed a "slacker backer" campaign, this new session of crowdfunding will be operated through the Ys Net website until December 31, 2015. It is not intended to replace or change the goals of the original Kickstarter campaign, but to give the devs another chance to reach their stretch goals - such as "expanded ragdoll reaction" at $6.5 million and, according to creator Yu Suzuki, a truly open world at $10 million.

There are some differences between this campaign and the previous one. Not every backer reward is available anymore, and those that are might differ from the Kickstarter versions. Packaging of physical copies, for example, will feature different artwork, and there is no option for a full PC version when backing through Ys Net (though the website notes the team is "discussing the PC version with the related parties.")

Shenmue 3 is aiming for a holiday 2017 release date. Hopefully that's enough time to implement some better ragdoll physics and avoid the Shenmue Crowdfunding Campaign 3 to be announced at E3 2016.

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Sam Prell

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