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  • PS2 | Submitted by Sobo

    Getting the Good Ending

    STEP 1 (Getting The Good Ending)

    You must do this AFTER beating Albert Simon in the Nemeton Basement. First have your malice to its final stage(red) and go to a plac where you can fight enemies. Once the malice is red and you encounter enemies you will encounter the masks at the graveyard. There is a certain order you must beat them in, in order to do this right. The order is Grail, Gold, Staff, and Sword. You MUST do
    it in that order. If you remember Joshua gave you an item which was the Oath Grail. That will help you when you encounter the grail mask. After you beat every mask you get a different item to beat the other masks with. After you finish that, go to London Rats Hideout and go upstairs. You see Halley and Koudelka talking and Halley asks his mothers permission if he can go with Yuri on the rest ohf his journey.

    STEP 2 (Getting The Good Ending)

    After that go to Nemeton Monastery and talk to Roger Bacon. He says the machine is getting ready and the party rests for awhile. Then Alice will be taken back to the graveyard by herself. Before you talk to the four masks examine all of the Fusion Gravestones and Alices small tombstone. You MUST do that before talking to the masks. After you do that you will talk with the masks and they will let you in the nig door which you will meet Atman (scary lookin son of a bitch!!). Anywho you and Atman will talk and if you have done right Yuri will come and help you defeat Atman. But if you didnt do it right you will fight Atman only with Alice. And theres no way you can beat him only with Alice.

    Diffuculty : Medium/Hard
    I dont think hes that hard but other people think different. If you have Amon, I recommend you use him. Have Yuri as your attacker and have Alice heal and attack a little bit.

    After the fight is over you will be taken back to Nemeton Monastery and there is a film with Alice telling Yuri how she really feels about him.

    If you want to make sure you've done it right, go back to the graveyard and examine the little tombstone (next to the dark gravestone) and if it says "Atman, rest in peace", then you did it right.

    If you have failed Yuri would not come and help Alice and Alice would have to lose to Atman.

    Here are some mistakes you might have made during doing this sidequest:

    1)You did not do Step 1 or you didn't beat the masks in the following order.

    2)You did not examine the fusion gravestones or Alice's gravestone.

    After that just continue with the game.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get More Quests

    After finishing the game one time, save. Now start a new game with the save file and play the game again. New quests will be available.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Peter Berthelsen

    Karin's Third Outfit

    In order to receive Karin's third outfit you must get both Yuri's Ultimate weapon and his Ultimate armor. Then you must complete the "Straw Millionare" Minigame. Then once you have entered the final dungeon, go back and talk to Roger in Wales... He will give it to you.

Shadow Hearts Covenant Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Dollhouse Code

    The dollhouse code is "BRIDGET."

  • PS2 | Submitted by Hadi bliatch

    Prison Code

    The prison code is "864."