SFX Doctor Who special is on sale now!

The latest special edition of SFX, our quarterly series of in-depth guides, is on sale from today (Wednesday 28 March 2007) and is SFX Collection 28: Doctor Who 2007. That's right, a complete, 100% unofficial guide to the new Whoniverse.

And free with every issue, a book - a collectable genuine original Target novelisation! Yep, there are 15 to choose from, and they're original. Stuff like Doctor Who And The Armageddon Factor, from 1980, by Terrance Dicks. You can't buy these books in the shops, but they're free on the front of the new special, which costs just £5.99.

Inside the mag, you'll find detailed episode guides to all of the Whoniverse shows since it was reinvented in 2005. From Eccleston's Doctor through to Barrowman's Torchwood chief, it's everything you need to know - including a sneak peek at the new series which starts this Saturday. Reviews, features, guides... and the results of our forum poll in which you reveal which are your favourite episodes. Find it at your local news-agents now. And don't forget, Who fans, that SFX issue 155 is still on sale, complete with free Doctor Who magnets.