Sega: PS2 to power on till 2010

Sept 25, 2007

Sega of America's president and COO Simon Jeffrey reckons PS2's not about to cash in its chips any time soon and believes it'll still be fighting in the hardware space by around 2010.

Reported on MCV, he said that the Sony mega-seller will still sell in significant quantities for "two to three years at least", adding "We believe that the PS2 will be around for quite some time".

Jeffrey went on to explain that Sega is in it for the long haulwith thePS2, opining that the console will have "longer legs than any [console in any] previous generation".

"We expect Sony to price manage the PS2's shelf life for another two or three years at least. PS2 high profile titles, especially 'wide market' and licensed titles, will absolutely be part of the Sega portfolio going forwards", he said.

Courtesy of CVG