Sega comments on THAT Sonic & Knuckles video

The internet was rocked yesterday by a fan video of Sonic & Knuckles, apparently running in a 2.5D game engine. It was, sadly, only a rendered video and not a playable game (yes, I found out after seeing the video too), but it certainly got a lot of attention, primarily because it's exactly the kind of Sonic game the series' fans have been clamouring for for over a decade. But what did Sega think of it? Well, they did see it - and here's the response...

Above: The very fact people were rude just shows how much the fans care about the series still

It's all very well agreeing that it's awesome - we need action to come from it. We're still stoked for Sonic 4, which has excited a lot of people around the GR offices. But Sonic 5 has no excuse for being anything other than a game that looks and moves like this:

26 Aug, 2010

Justin Towell

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