Savage 2 - first impressions

Melee combat will also be more robust this time around with a sort of rock-paper-scissors design. Counter a strong but slow attack with a quick swipe, block a quick attack, or over power a block with a strong attack, and your target will experience a momentary stun. If executed well, this improvement alone will improve the sequel's fun factor immensely as dashing wildly while swinging blindly will no longer be an option.

The new karma system - which allows players to rate each other - should also address the online snobbery that can make getting into such a competitive team-based game daunting for new players.

Savage 2 shows a lot of promise based on what we've seen so far. But it's too soon to tell if these improvements will be enough to bring this niche title into the mainstream. Curious about how Savage marries RTS and FPS elements? You can download the original off of S2 Games' websitehere. While you're at it, click on the images and movies tab above for the latest screens and trailers.