Men In Black 3 script getting last-minute polish

Men In Black

Men In Black 3 starts shooting tomorrow, but its script is still being given a bit of a buff by Rush Hour 2 writer Jeff Nathanson.

Fear not, though, this isn’t an Iron Man 2 “we’ll script on the fly” jobbie. Men In Black 3 's story is easily divided into two sections – scenes set in the present, and scenes set in the past.

Scenes being shot from tomorrow will be the ones set in the present day, and have all had their script locked in.

The section of the movie that Nathanson is working on will be the scenes based in 1969, where Will Smith’s Agent J travels and meets a younger version of Agent K (both Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin).

These 1969 scenes won’t be shot until sometime next year, giving Nathanson plenty of time to get his portion of the scripting right. Yes, it’s an odd way to make a movie, but when moviemaking moves as fast as this, something has to be done.

We won’t also mention that Nathanson helped write Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull … Oh wait, oops.

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