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  • DS | Submitted by Chao Ren

    Stage 9

    Stage 9 - Don't allow any of the townspeople to die in Stage 8.

  • DS | Submitted by Chao Ren

    Unlockable Characters

    Aegil in Stage 17 - Send Serdic to east door of the start point while Marie is alive
    Alhambra in Stage 10 - Go near the big boulder and talk with Serdic
    Ansom in Stage 5 - Talk to with anyone
    Arios in Stage 13 - Talk to with Elmer
    Cotton in Stage 9 - Clear the hidden Stage 9
    Elmer in Stage 12 - Talk to with Selmer
    Garahad in Stage 21 - Talk to with Igraine
    Izuna in Stage 19 - Talk to Yumiluna with Serdic in stage 18 and have Shino talk with Izuna
    Owl in Stage 7 - Talk to with Marie
    Rukia in Stage 11 - Talk to with Serdic
    Shino in Stage 15 - Talk to with Serdic while Marie is alive
    Simon in Stage 18 - Talk to with Marie or Serdic
    Yumiluna in Stage 18 - Talk to with Serdic

  • DS | Submitted by Chao Ren

    New Game +

    Beat the game once and save your game to unlock the harder difficulty mode.