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Rogue Trooper

We'd imagine it's safe to assume that ardent followers of 2000 AD comics have skipped straight to salivating all over the screenshots, so while they're away doing that, we'll give the rest of you a quick rundown of what the Rogue Trooper comic entails.

Rogue Trooper follows the story of Rogue, a genetically enhanced soldier - enhanced in that he's impervious to acid and poison, and also comes in a fetching shade of blue skin. He lives on a planet called Nu-Earth, which is a thousand times more rubbish than the Old Earth we live on, because there's a perpetual war on.

But here's the thing: soldiers don't die on Nu-Earth, because their consciousness is transferred to a biochip in their head and installed into military equipment after they are physically killed. As such, Rogue's backpack, gun and helmet (oo-er) are 'alive'. Bizarre.

If you're thinking 'this would make a good third-person shooter', you're on the same wavelength as developer Rebellion. The main draw is Rogue Trooper's innovative take on squad dynamics, but a lot more details have emerged since we got our hands on it.

We now know that the battles take place on huge maps that offer a whole heap of tactical freedom. Yes, you can charge in Rambo-style and blast your opponent's legs off, but on the other hand, you could sneak around, disabling air purifiers and watch them choke on the toxic atmosphere. The choice is yours.

In fact, there's a lot here to suggest that Rogue Trooper will have more than enough appeal, even if you're not all that familiar with the comic.

We're particularly looking forward to the online multiplayer, which takes place before Rogue's squad were turned into big guns and backpacks. Which means this should a refreshing take on the third-person shooter.