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Mario Kart Wii review

Are the keys to the kart the keys to your heart?

Split-screen racing? Fine, but it struggles visually - never dropping frames, but noticeably chugging compared to solo karting. We’d ask why Nintendo didn’t simply give us the option to turn off AI karts, but all the modes, maps and tracks have been so tailored to that magical number 12 that the game wouldn’t play properly.

No matter how rich the Wi-Fi mode is, to strengthen it at the cost of one of Nintendo gaming’s most beloved pastimes - good ol’ four-player Mario Kart - is downright wrong. Maybe in time we’ll warm to it, but we’ve played enough Kart, from SNES to GC, to know when something has been messed with. It’s not enough to deny the game the accolades it deserves for formula tweaks and for finally kicking off Wi-Fi Wii as it should be done, but Nintendo rarely disappoint like this. For all their moves that have baffled long-term fans - namely the casual gaming shift - this is their first decision we’re truly uneasy with. What a shame it should arrive in an otherwise delightful package.

Apr 28, 2008

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Franchise nameMario
UK franchise nameMario
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date27 April 2008 (US), (UK)