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Rockstar in cheeky GTA punnery

You may remember that we recently ran the . What you probably didn't notice, though, was one of Rockstar's trademark puns making a fleeting appearance as a plane flies over the Vinewood sign towards Los Santos.

As you can see by the exclusive screenshot above (click on it for a larger version), the crazy japesters have named the game's airline 'Juank Air'. Surely Rockstar North have got better things to be doing? Honestly, games developers, eh?

Meanwhile, in slightly more serious San Andreas news, the rumour-mill continues to churn out gossip about the game appearing on formats other than PS2. Like its predecessor Vice City, it's widely assumed that San Andreas will eventually pop up on Xbox and PC, with some sources even pointing to a March 2005 release for an Xbox version. We're on the case - expect further GTA updates shortly.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released for PS2 on 22 October