Rock Band 3 to feature keyboards

Those who bothered downloadedtoday's free demo of Green Day Rock Band were the first to see this intruiging teaser image for Rock Band 3. In addition to the usual guitar, drum, bass and microphone icons, we now see a keyboard/piano icon bringing up the rear. Safe to assume then that Rock Band 3 will support (and possibly ship with) a new keyboard peripheral.

The question is, what kind of keyboard? Will it be full MIDI and have some additional functionality like the Ion Drum Kit or will be, for lack of a better term, a baby keyboard with fewer inputs? We'll probably find out at E3 2010 (that'd be June 15-17).

This image came from today's demo of Green Day Rock Band, which is up on PS3 and 360. There's only two tracks available (Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Welcome to Paradise), so you'll be fiddling with this for all of seven minutes.

The game itself ships on June 8. Rock Band 3 is assumed to be for the fall 2010 season.

May 25, 2010

Brett Elston

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