Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War

Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War is a "historical" strategy game that takes more creative license with history than the time you brought your parent's car home with an empty tank and a sticky back seat. But like historical movies, breathing new life into legendary icons is where the fun is, and liberties can be taken.

Thanks in part to the Total War series, the cinematic scope of epic battles in strategy games has grown bigger than ever. Rise and Fall looks like it will set that bar even higher. You'll unleash thousands of units grouped together in lethal formations, smash enemy strongholds and wipe out fleets with immense navies. You'll command the ancient world's most powerful factions: Greeks, Romans, Egyptians or Persians.

But best of all, you'll be able to fly down onto the battlefield and lay waste to your opponents with your Hero; your faction's leader and the game's ultimate super-weapon. This ability lets you jump into the boots of history's greatest warriors and takes you from a passive God's-eye view to you-are-there action on the ground. Fight as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, or even Cleopatra as you zoom into the fray and turn the tide of battle with devastating attacks that only your Hero can perform. However, Rise and Fall is a true strategy game at its core. This ability is limited, so you won't always be able to rely on your Hero to save your skin.