Ridge 7 shots hit the racing line

There's been at least one Ridge Racer every year recently but RR7's still managed to brush up fresh and new for the PS3 launch, as you can see in our new screens by clicking the Images tab.

Multiplayer will be taking the driver's seat more than ever before with extensive online match-up options but the familiar split-screen play will be available for local competition if you're not feeling up to international jet-setting.

Most importantly to us, though, is that the loading screen game has been revealed - and it's classic air-to-ground shooter Xevious, the source of all those 'Solvalou'-branded cars. We can hear its incessant plinky-plonk soundtrack in our ears already.

Ridge Racer 7 will be launching with the PS3, for those lucky enough to score Sony's system.

November 6, 2006.