Return to Castle Monkey Ball is the crossover we never knew we needed

Return to Castle Monkey Ball
(Image credit: Nickireda)

If you've ever wanted a crossover between Wolfenstein and Monkey Ball, we've got some incredibly good news for your incredibly specific wishes.

Return to Castle Monkey Ball was revealed over the last few days via Twitter, and it looks absolutely fantastic. You can see the full reveal via the developer's Twitter account just below, in which they publish the debut trailer for their action-packed crossover.

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The game plays out exactly as you think it might: as B.J. Blazkowicz, you're positioned in the transparent ball from Sega's Monkey Ball games, and tasked to roll around Castle Wolfenstein. As you proceed through each floor of the castle, you need to pick up bananas and kill Nazis, to make it through the finish line before the timer expires. You'll bag a time bonus for each Nazi you crumple, so there's an incentive to keep pushing forward at a rapid pace.

Rather than being a game you actually download from's storefront, Return to Castle Monkey Ball is actually a browser game that you play through the game's store page. Head over to developer Nickireda's store page for Return to Castle Monkey Ball to play the game through your browser right now.

This is one of those concepts that sounds too whacky to actually play well, except it does play well. In fact, it plays really well. There's a ton of fun to be had bouncing through the realms of Castle Wolfenstein as a small ball, running over Nazis and collecting bananas in a high octane blend of action.

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