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The latest issue of Retro Gamer is on sale now and features two huge articles dedicated to the Commodore Amiga. The first looks at the games that defined Commodore’s machine, from Another World and Stunt Car Racer to Cannon Fodder and Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe. The second looks at the history of Shadow Of The Beast, easily one of the most iconic trilogies on the system. We also speak to Matt Birch, the CEO of Heavy Spectrum, who oversaw the PS4 reboot of the series in 2016.

Matt recalls visiting Sony’s office and being inspired to revisit the game. “Every time I visited, I saw the trophy for Game Of The Year 1989: Shadow Of The Beast in the lobby. I mentioned to Sony all the feelings and visions I had playing the game back when I was 16, and how I would love to use the power of PlayStation to bring those visions to the players of today. They asked me to come back with a full pitch.” Matt duly obliged and the acclaimed series received its first new game, 24 years after Shadow Of The Beast III debuted.

Other highlights of issue 242 include an in-depth review of the Evercade EXP, Blaze Entertainment’s exciting new handheld, Ultimate Guides dedicated to Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja and Turrican and an in-depth examination of the games of Imagine Software. We also reveal the best games to collect for Atari’s Lynx, why Level 9’s ambitious plans for its HUGE adventure series failed and much more.

Retro Gamer 242 is on sale now. Look out for it in shops or consider taking out a subscription.

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