Resident Evil Outbreak server terminated

Capcom will shut down the online servers for PS2 game Resident Evil Outbreak: File#2 at the end of March. The closure affects both the original and the sequel of Capcom's online zombie fest.

A statement from the company reads: "Capcom regretfully announces that the server for our PlayStation 2 online game Resident Evil Outbreak: File#2 will be closing at the end of March 2007.

"Since Resident Evil Outbreak File#2 was released in August 2005, Capcom has provided a server enabling consumers to experience the online element of this game free of charge.

"Regretfully, conditions now dictate that we must close down this server effective from March 31, 2007. Naturally it will still be possible to play the game offline, but the online component will no longer be available.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have been loyal members of the RE Outbreak community for the past months."

Since the game was released in 2005, we doubt many of you will care. But if you're a hardcore RE fan, go ahead and mourn.

March 5, 2007