Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City multiplayer mode full of classic RE heroes and villains

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is one of several high profile Capcom releases planned for the first half of next year, but the online shooter looks to be in the best when it comes to fan service. This alternate retelling of the events of Resident Evil 2 already had appearances from stars like Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, but this new trailer reveals an eight player online multiplayer mode with a handful of iconic characters from the series’ long history.

Told outside of the main campaign, this mode focuses on four on four battles of heroes vs villains. Leon, Claire, Jill Valentine, and Carlos Oliveira are on one side, with Ada Wong, Hunk, Lone Wolf, and Nicholai Ginovaef on the other, as both sides try to kill each other while avoiding the undead throughout. Operation Raccoon City hits PS3 and 360 March 20, 2012. Read more about the launch here.

Henry Gilbert

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