Resident Evil 7 finally shows its monsters. There are too many teeth (and a third demo on the way)

That up there is a whole lot of nope. So far Resident Evil 7 has limited its horrors to the Baker family; murderous but basically normal. Now we have this... thing: 

That is too many teeth. It also looks a bit like it's rotting so you've the best of both worlds - virus mutations and zombified flesh. There's a possibility that could be one of the Bakers transformed.

There's also this less horrible video introducing Aunt Rhody who I'm guessing is a new member of the Baker family. Maybe that's her up there? 

That's the final video in this series but it ends with a sting that promises a third 'tape' in early December. The tapes have been the demos we've seen so far, with Beginning Hour as tape one, the Lantern demo as tape two and now this - potentially a PS VR installment now that's out. 

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Leon Hurley
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