Resident Evil 6 video preview First details on Ada Wong's campaign mode

Resident Evil 6 is a bit like franchise mainstay Ada Wong: mysterious. We keep finding out more about it as the time counts down to its launch, and that includes the just announced campaign mode starring the game's seeming big bad Ada Wong. Unlockable after the three other campaigns are finished, Ada's gameplay fills in the cracks between all the other plots.

Below you'll find our video preview of the mode, including exclusive footage of Ada as she follows Leon, solves puzzles, and even teams up with the heroes to defeat a spidery boss...

Ada Wong, first seen in Resident Evil 2, appears throughout RE6, sharing scenes with all of the major characters and her campaign is no doubt included to shed some light on her motivations. The RE games have always been known for their twists, so it's not surprising that Ada would turn out to be more complicated than she first appeared to be in earlier trailers. In fact, in the footage we've seen so far of her story, she's saving the lives of Leon and his co-op partner Helena. Is this really the same woman who could so heartlessly murder Chris Redfield's soldiers?

Just as Leon's stages evoke RE4 and Chris' portions remind us of RE5, Ada's sections have a renewed emphasis on puzzles that's reminiscent of classic RE titles on the PSOne and Dreamcast. Her portions are just as much about logic as they are about quick reflexes and killing zombies. Hopefully though, her sections won't get as obtuse as some of the more annoying puzzles in RE history.

We'll let you know more about RE6 as we find out about it, but in the meantime, you should check out the other new mode that was just announced, Agent Hunt, as well as our video interview with the developers.

Henry Gilbert

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