Repo Men viral website appears

Universal have launched a fantastic new viral website for the upcoming Repo Men film.

The site has been set up for the company that the film centres on, called 'The Union'.

On the site you can check out the full product catalogue for artificial organs, or Arti-forgs as they are known in the film, and even apply for a job as a Repo Man.

You could get yourself a new kidney for $524,000, or maybe for $975,000 a new heart, all of which come with easy financing options available at 25-30% APR depending on your credit rating.

The site also features a variety of surreal and heartfelt TV messages such as;

(Overlooking a funeral) "Sad isn't it? The truth is it didn't have to happen. With the Hemoglobin Filter Max 2 he could have beat cirrhosis and his wife would still have a husband, his children would still have...Daddy."

Along with the poster, the Repo Men promo has been top notch thus far. If only we had as high hopes for the film.

Check out the site here.

Will you be buying a ticket, or gonna save for an artificial spleen? Let us know below!

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