Redfall has a single farm that dwarfs Prey's entire map

Redfall's open world is so big that just one of its mission locations dwarfs the entirety of Prey's entire map.

In a new video shared during QuakeCon 2022, the developers at Arcane sat down and talked about a range of topics related to Redfall, and at one point the game's map size was brought up.

"Speaking to the size, I think the Talos in Prey was five football fields, and the size of Redfall is kind of 'hold my beer'," said art director Karen Segars to laughs. "So we definitely challenged the whole team with making something this big."

For some context, studio director Harvey Smith chimed in with a memory from early in Redfall's development that might open your eyes to just how big Redfall's map is.

"I remember early on there was a moment we were working on District 2, which is a little more rural, and Jim McGill took Talos at scale and dropped it in the middle of the farm that’s there. And the district just eats the whole space station, of course. It’s gigantic."

"It was just the size of the actual farm area, and that’s just like one mission," added lead producer Aaron Carter.

Prey having a pretty sizable open world itself, it's certainly impressive to hear that just one location of Redfall's map is way bigger than the entirety of Talos. With that in mind, Redfall is definitely Arcane's biggest game in terms of map size yet, but we'll have to wait and see if it's as engaging as the studio's earlier efforts.

Redfall is due to launch on Xbox Series X and PC in the first half of 2023.

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